No offense to anyone, living or dead or in between, is implied, expressed or intended. No angry emails please- chill out:)

There seems to be little or no humor in Genealogy. Based on my short time doing this I just have that impression. Now of course the Genealogy community is and has been extremely helpful and kind to me along the way. But browse the articles by the "pro's" and you get the impression of some stuff shirt sucking on a pipe, looking a lot like Sigmund Freud and sitting in a room where the major lifeforms are the worms eating the books! And they certainly forgot to take "charm" school with their nasty and vicious attacks on those who have made errors in their research. Guess none of them ever read "How to make friends and influence people"! Ok - that's my only commentary until I get flamed by one of those cranks and then the real fun will begin:)

In the course of my genealogy work I've come across some names that have made me snicker or burst out laughing. I thought I should collect them and share with those that like to laugh. Enjoy.

Silence Allen

ALLEN Silence and Edmond Jackson, Feb. 24, 1741-2 Marriage record from Mass Vitals (One can only think the parents were hoping anyways:)

Chase Butts

I've had the most fun with this one. I can only think that "butt" was not slang for "Buttock" back then but can only wonder. If the humorous name was intentional what odd and probably very funny parents he had. The record below was from a tax record from 1798. No idea what the "Milk Job" was- no comment.

Fear Fish

Got to love this name from a 1787 death record. A bit even more odd because this is a female. I could see myself naming a male "Fear":) Imagine if she had married "Chase Butts" ! I have a distance relation to her- she would be an aunt with many greats before it. I've noticed many names from that time period that are best described as "emotions", such as Vigilance, Patience, Honor, - pretty sure I've even seen Careful and Thoughtful. (I'll ad them here if I do) I am curious if there are some stories or significance attached to this concept of naming.

Note on 9/17/06 - I found her middle initial on Mass Vitals tonight! It is D! Fear D. Fish! Like Count D. Money for anyone that is a Mel Brooks fan! I love this stuff:)
Handy Butts?

OK speculation on my part but if they hyphenated names back then like we do now would she have dared to become Mrs. Sarah Handy-Butts!
Allen Handy Gender: Male Spouse: Sarah Butts Marriage Date: 4 Nov 1800 City: New Bedford County: Bristol Source: Family History Library, Salt Lake City, UT, Film # 1993939.


CRAPON Mary Butler, d. of Thomas L. and Sarah B., Oct. 14, 1828.
Hmmm now if Sarah Butts married a Crapon and hyphenated her name? Sarah Butts-Crapon

Hold them Butts

Ok beating the Butts senseless here but here's another one!

Holder Butts Gender: Male Spouse: Comfort Brightman Marriage Date: 24 Sep 1818 City: Dartmouth County: Bristol Source: Family History Library, Salt Lake City, UT, Film # 0883792.

Pardon my....

I find them I have to post them!

Pardon Butts Gender: Male Spouse: Clarrisa Potter Marriage Date: 4 Jul 1821 City: Dartmouth County: Bristol Source: Family History Library, Salt Lake City, UT, Film # 0883792.